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Date: 2018.3.5        Author: WebDo

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Using the Best Business Website Builder to Create Your Online Presence

More than 50% of small businesses already have a website, but for the remaining companies, there’s a significant amount of missed opportunity.

Owning a business website is about more than just following a trend; there are actually a number of tangible benefits that can be gained. More than a third of consumers prefer to purchase products and services online, and the majority of all consumers will look for a company website before committing to a particular brand. In short, you’re going to need a website in 2018 to remain competitive.

Building a website is easier than ever before, because there are powerful DIY website builders like WebDo that can aid in site development and publishing. If you’ve been looking for an easier and more intuitive way to get online, then a small business website builder can meet all of your needs.

Why Should You Use a DIY Solution?

Creating a website can be expensive if you don’t have access to all of the right tools. Most business owners assume that they will need a developer and designer to take care of their initial website build. They also assume that ongoing maintenance will be cost prohibitive. While this was once true for small businesses, it’s not relevant today when there are WYSIWYG website builders available.

A WYSIWYG building tool is a graphical interface where all of your web development and design is performed through a simple online application. No longer do you need to be a coding or design expert to create a professional and functional website. With the help of a tool like WebDo, you will have a mobile website builder that can be used anywhere that you have a computer and access to the internet. Your projects will be stored in the cloud, and you can take advantage of one-click publishing to get your business online.

Ease of use won’t compromise the functionality of your website or even the look and feel. Some earlier small business website builders were primitive in nature and produced results that were lacking in functionality and individuality. WebDo is the best business website builder because it offers professional results through an interface that anybody can quickly learn and use.

The Power of a DIY Website Builder with a Block System

WebDo created the building block concept to help business owners go from a basic concept, right through to a fully completed website with multiple interlinked pages.

It starts with templates that can provide you with a basic idea of what your website will look like, and from there you can customize to get the exact look and feel that you’re aiming for. Customization is not just limited to text, colors, and fonts. You can use building blocks to drag and drop any kind of page element that will improve the look or increase the functionality of your individual web pages. These blocks are based on commonly used website design features, such as text and image blocks, buttons and lists, contact forms, and there are even plugins that make use of powerful API’s to give you interactive maps for your contact page.

Whatever you can think of to add to your website, you’ll find it on WebDo. There’s even a separate blogging platform that will allow you to publish directly to your page, allowing for efficient communication with your audience while increasing the amount of search optimized content that you have.

Build with Simplicity for an Effective Website

WebDo allows you to start creating for free, giving you the opportunity to try out all of the powerful yet simple features of the WYSIWYGwebsite builder. You can publish directly on the platform with sponsored traffic and domain, and you can upgrade to a professional solution (including a personalized domain name) at any time.

There’s never been an easier way to get your business online. It’s time to try the world’s best business website builder.

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