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Date: 2018.5.7        Author: WebDo

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Get Online Easier with a WYSIWYG Page Builder

Whether you want to create a website for business or personal use, there are a number of different solutions available for you today. Getting online is easier than ever before, but there are still some barriers in terms of creating a usable and professional site.

Many business owners and individuals can be intimidated by the learning curve of web design and publishing, even when using something like a CMS platform. However, there is an easier way.

With an online WYSIWYG website builder, you could create your first web page in minutes, and build a complete website in less than a day. WebDo is the fastest and easiest way to get online, and these are the key benefits of using our simple website building solution.

Don’t Know How to Code? It Doesn’t Matter

Many people still assume that you need to have coding knowledge to create a website. While this was true 15 years ago, the fact is that software can take care of much of the coding in 2018. With a WYSIWYG editor you will create pages just like you would a document in Microsoft Word (or your favorite office productivity program). Code is generated as you work, and it complies with all industry standards and best practices.

If it has been the fear of technical learning that has held you back from starting a website, then WebDo will show you that it’s not at all difficult to create a site today. When we say you can build a page in minutes, we actually mean it, and you will love the intuitive nature of our advanced online software.

Pre-Built Page Templates Get You Started Faster

Design is another aspect that can be intimidating when creating a website. How can you get a professional layout? Will your page be usable for mobile and desktop based users?

WebDo offers design templates, even with a free account. These provide you with a basic layout that can be customized to your needs. You can simply drag and drop different elements on a page to create a look that you will love. Because it’s based off a professional template, you won’t need to worry about usability or accessibility problems.

Our WYSIWYG website builder is flexible, so you can start to move away from the standard templates as you become more comfortable at designing your pages.

Drag and Drop Page Elements for Easy Creation from Scratch

Once you’ve built your first few pages on WebDo, you can start experimenting with your own designs and layouts. This is made easy with our block system where you simply drag and drop page elements onto a page.

Our building blocks have been designed with your needs in mind, offering everything that a modern website would need. Whether you need a map plugin for your contact page, or an ordering form for a product or service, you will find simple blocks that allow you to achieve your goals. Blocks are also great for adding staff profiles, text boxes, media galleries, and almost anything else that you can think of.

You will quickly discover that WebDo scales easily as your knowledge increases. As you learn more, the full power of the web builder will become apparent, and you will soon be making your very own custom page layouts through the simple graphic interface. This allows you to make a page that is completely your own, with unique branding and a design aesthetic that complements your business or personality.

A Blogging Platform Keeps Your Site Relevant

Blogging is essential for maintaining a connection to your audience. Businesses and general interest websites that have blogs are more likely to build a large and responsive following.

Whether you’re creating a site for business or just for fun, you will need to start publishing a blog. Writing a blog is simple once you understand the basics, and with the WebDo website builder you will get access to a simple tool that allows you to easily publish and maintain your blog entries. WordBricks is part of the WebDo software suite, and it’s the simplest way to start blogging today.

If you have wanted to get online but have been intimidated by the learning curve, then our WYSIWYG website builder will show you that it’s not overly difficult to build your online presence. You can get started with a free account, with upgrade options when you need them.

With no risk to try, it’s time to start building your website today.

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