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Date: 2017.4.6        Author: WebDo

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Terms and Conditions


Legal agreement

Any webdo.com subscription plan is bound to this agreement.
Please check with your country legislation, if this agreement can be applied.
By accepting this document you agree with its terms and conditions.

Your privacy


We are not using cookies on our websites.

Registered users:

webdo.com collect information about you in order to enable it's functionality, this refer to your user name, names and email addresses. These informations are kept secret and will not be shared with third parties. All other informations you may want to made public available within our platform are sole in your responsibility.

webdo.com reserves the right to send you account information and service details by email.

Your files are kept encrypted on our storage system and we are doing the best to protect your information.

Terms of usage

Your account is bound to its subscription terms that define the offered services levels.
webdo.com offers different kind of services from hosting websites to databases and applications.

If your data stored on webdo.com infrastructure is made public available like your websites or your profile page but not limited, the public information should conform with next rules:

  • any good sense rule that may miss here it will be applied also
  • pornography and child abuse is forbidden
  • xenophobia is forbidden
  • extremism of any kind is forbidden

Please report any abuse you may encounter to our technical support.

General service usage rules:

  • using the offered services for high load testing or any activity that irresponsible consume our resources is forbidden
  • using the offered services for any illegal activity is forbidden

webdo.com reserves its rights to immediately close one account that is suspected of such activity.
WEB hosting is offered on a subscription base, webdo.com may insert adds into your web pages when the subscription terms are exceeded in order to continue deliver your services.

  • there is no money back policy for paid subscriptions, you may use the FREE account to test our products before buying a subscription
  • you may close your account any time


We are using redundant storage solutions with our services and will do our best all the time to avoid any technical problems, however webdo.com can not be liable for any loss you may have in terms of data, services or any kind. If you are using a subscription and your country legislation may oblige for a loss compensation, this compensation can not exceed your one month subscription cost but not more than 25USD.

webdo.com reserved the rights to change this document at any time with a 15 days announcement for active users.


You may close your account at any time. Your active data will be finally deleted after 30 days.
webdo.com will close accounts without users permissions only if our “terms of usage” rules are broken. The services can be stopped and the account owner will be informed immediately. After 15 days of no response by email the account can be deleted. The account may be open only if the situation is corrected in respect of our terms, still webdo.com reserve the rights to close and delete the account data.
webdo.com can NOT be made responsible for any data loss in the process of account closing.

Major Force

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, neither we nor any Third Party Service Provider shall be liable to you for any failure or delay on our part to perform, and we shall be excused from performing, any of our obligations hereunder if such failure, delay or nonperformance results in whole or in part from any cause beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, any act of God; any fire, flood, or weather condition; any earthquake or other natural disaster; any act of a public enemy, act of terrorism, war, government collapse, government restriction, civil disturbance, riot, explosion, strike or other labor dispute, labor or material shortage, energy crises, blackouts or brownouts, or Internet disruptions; any interruption or shortage of, or failure or delay in, transportation, utilities, networks, material, supplies, equipment, machinery, power, or spare parts; and any act of any military or civil authority.

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