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Date: 2018.7.23        Author: WebDo

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7 Compelling Reasons Why Your Should Build a Website Using Website Builder Software

The process of having a website built for your product or services or even building a personal website can get quite complex and costly. This is particularly true if you go down the usual way of seeking a web designer on the internet or business directories.

In most cases, you’ll find that you have to spend a lot of your precious time planning, emailing, chatting and calling before you get an acceptable design implemented not to talk of the substantial costs you will incur- in short, the entire process can prove a costly distraction from building and running your business.

If you consider the cost of operating your business, it really makes sense to invest in building your website if you can still obtain an adequate level of quality and utility from it. Luckily, you can build a professional website yourself without using or hire a website developer, and this allows you save a considerable amount of money.

Website builder software can help you build a website fast and easy. Aside from saving you a lot of money, this tool also provides many other benefits than getting the service of a website designer. Some of these benefits take account of the following:

1.    Cost: Cost is one of the essential factors you must consider in creating your website yourself. Using a web designer to create a website can turn out relatively costly, most especially if you don’t have a good idea what your needs are or if you add features or changing things along the way. While a website builder software may cost you anything from five dollars for a simple website builder to 30 dollars a month for a full-fledged e-commerce system. A website designer will charge you $300 to $2000 to make a website; this doesn’t include the cost of hosting and any upgrades or updates you think of afterward.

2.    Web Creation Timeframe: The course of having a custom website portal built for you by a website builder can be a lengthy, and time consuming one, taking couple of weeks or even months for a big, full-featured website with a specially created design as your chosen web designer has to interpret your needs, implement your required feature set as well as envision a suitable design. Utilizing a website building software to build your website is likely to be a quicker proposition since all you have to do is choose a pre-built design and customize or modify it as much as the system or software allows you to.

3.    Safely and Simplicity: While you may think that lack of skills in web creation would make it impossible for you to build a website, website builder software usually incorporate wizards that assist create your site without the need of learning any code at all. You just click drag and drop feature into place. With website builder, you can have your site up and working in less than thirty minutes. While you might fear to create your own website as you think you might mess up the process and end up a very bad looking website, website builder normally separate the content you add from the code under it so that there’s no way you can damage the appearance of your website. In short, there is nothing to fear and, you have nothing to lose.

4.    Complete Feature List: Because the whole feature set that comes with a package is accessible to you from the very beginning, with a website builder you can put in additional features without paying the extra costs. Also, there is no need for you to wait for an estimate or experience a delay while the job is done. However, any additional features you choose to add onto a custom-built site will surely need you to pay your web developer more money and take far longer to put into practice. So all you need to get started are your media - photos, video, sound, documents and many others.

5.    Free Integrated Website Hosting: When creating a website in the usual approach, you have to subscribe to a web hosting service. Then you need to set it up before you can get started. This gives more complexity and another thing to remember to manage. A lot of web builders, most essentially online services have web hosting integrated in their setup and ready to use without additional expense.

6.    Accountability: With the use of website builder software, it allows you to access and utilize no matter what services are available at anytime you want. Another remarkable perk is that you can log in and utilize it to modify your site from any place in the world once you have a fast internet connection.

7.    Feature Compatibility/Availability: Web builder software is usually packaged with optional features that you can add easily to your website. Basically with just one click of a button. Polls, bock, and form are integrated into the system that works perfectly well without the incompatibility you can get if you mix and match several scripts from different sources as website designers are likely to do.

If you create a customized website, you are required to pay for additional features so as new technologies like the use of e-commerce, video and social networking services like Twitter or Facebook emerged and are utilized increasingly on the web. You might need to pay additional to have them included in your custom built website. On the other hand, these are often integrated as free upgrades if you create a site with website builder software.

Keeping in mind all these factors, you can see that utilizing website builder software makes it easy to make a professional looking site without the need of spending a lot of resources upfront while adding the capability to upgrade and at the same time manage your website each time you want.

WebDo.com is a reliable website builder helping small businesses and SME’s to build online success. WebDo allows you start creating your website utilizing the best website builder, with instant access and free sign-up.

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