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Date: 2018.3.1        Author: WebDo

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Should You Use a DIY Website Builder to Create Your Business Website?

Having an online presence is more important today than at any other point in recent history. More consumers rely on the internet to research companies that meet their needs and desires, and an online presence can provide a significant competitive advantage.

The technical knowledge needed to create a website is a stumbling block for small and mid-sized business owners, and it’s one of the reasons why millions of businesses still don’t have an online presence in 2018.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve recognized the importance of having a website, but haven’t found the right tool, then learning about the advantages of a DIY website builder could help you to take the next step.

Making Sense of the Options That Are Available to You

There are a few different options for businesses that want to create a website today. In many cases, your webhosting provider will offer a basic website template that can be edited with information specific to your business. You will also have the option of software like WordPress, and there’s also the DIY website builder options like the solution that can be found on www.WebDo.com

Each comes with advantages and disadvantages, and not every business will be suited to the same web building solution. Like many aspects of business and life, it all comes down to your needs.

When considering the free website builders that are offered by hosting providers; it is important to understand that these only only the bare minimum of customization and configuration options. Hosting providers offer these as a convenience, but they are rarely intended to take the place of a full featured small business website builder. They will be limited in terms of themes and functionality, and you can end up with a website that looks unprofessional and generic. This can be fine if you need a placeholder and intend to develop a better site in the future, however, that means adding in an extra unnecessary step. It simply makes more sense to choose a solution that has more features that are better suited to your needs.

That brings us to a content management system style builder, such as WordPress. For many years, WordPress has been the market leader in terms of web site creation, maintenance, and editing. It is promoted as being user friendly and powerful. These claims are true, to a certain degree. WordPress can allow you to create beautiful and functional webpages from scratch, but it offers very little in the way of guidance. For an experienced developer this won’t be a problem. For a business owner with little or no development experience, it can represent a significant hurdle. For all of the benefits that WordPress can offer, it can be difficult for newcomers to master. Your time is better spent running your core business, so a better solution is required.

Even when using standard themes and templates on WordPress, it will take a significant amount of time and research to get a page that is functional and of high quality. There’s also a plethora of plugins to choose from, so it can be difficult to find exactly what you need to suit your purposes. WordPress is not a bad solution for creating a website; it’s just not the ideal solution for a business that is just starting out. It’s also important to note that you will still need to pay for a separate hosting solution when using WordPress, so it’s not ‘free’ as many people believe.

A Solution That Brings the Best of Both Worlds

We’ve established that the basic templates offered by hosting providers can be user friendly, but they don’t offer the right depth of customization to be feasible for businesses. Next we considered WordPress, which is powerful, yet comes with a steep learning curve and has some other roadblocks that stop it from being the all-in-one user friendly small business website builder.

The last option that we will look at, is an online DIY website builder. WebDo is a compelling option that follows a philosophy of simplicity and powerful functionality. It uses themes and templates, but it also has the ability to customize these to meet the needs of a business. It is feature rich and powerful, but it is not inaccessible for someone with no previous design or development experience.

For a long time, it has been assumed that only a professional can create a professional looking website, but the simple fact is that WebDo is one platform that disproves the old belief. With no experience, it is possible to create the first page of a website in a matter of minutes. Utilizing a building system based on blocks, it is simple to create multiple pages from advanced page elements that incorporate forms and buttons, rich multimedia, maps, or anything that you could think of being necessary on your website.

Create and Host on the Same Platform

Similar to some hosting providers, WebDo can also offer a webhosting and domain name service. The difference is that this service can be offered for free, with premium hosting options available as your business grows. This means that your site can be created for free and then tested thoroughly, without having to commit to any ongoing payments for hosting or a domain name. This is something that the so called market leaders are simply not offering. It allows for freedom in design and creativity with absolutely no risk, and that’s something that any business owner will be able to appreciate.

Like any of the major small business website builders, WebDo allows for pages that are responsive in design, clean coded (perfect for Google), and there’s also a blogging platform that allows for ongoing maintenance of a page, just like you would find on WordPress and other similar content management platforms.

By bringing so much together into one place, we can finally see a solution that incorporates the best aspects of existing website builders, while bringing much more to create the best business website builder that is currently available.

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