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Date: 2018.3.12        Author: WebDo

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Can I Use Website Builder to Build a Landing Page

Can I use a website builder to build a landing page? The answer is yes! A landing page is really important as it is the essential part of online business. A landing page has a higher conversion over other generic pages. If you want to make landing pages, there is only one option. This is to get the service of a website builder.

Landing pages provide many advantages which set them apart from a company website. A landing page is an effective marketing and leads generating tool. Your website accommodates diverse paths to take, while a landing page can accommodate a more exact action.

Tips for an Effective Landing Page Using Web Builder

Landing pages are the first page the user arrives at using a certain URL or clicking link in another site or in an email. They are very popular as they are more efficient at accomplishing their objective than standard pages. But, there are specific features that efficient landing pages share.

Landing Page Must Have One Objective

 The aim can be for the browser to purchase a product, hire a service or register for a newsletter or to click on an active link to visit another page. The action could be anything that you want. The key is, there’s only one thing you’re asking the web user to do. There’s no confusion for the reader, they either take the action or they don’t.

The Landing Page Copy Must Target a Certain Audience

 One of the important rules of all efficient marketing and copywriting is to know the target audience. This might mean a need for diverse landing pages to appeal to target audiences. That is fine! Every landing page could speak to its individual target audience. Like for instance, you might provide a coaching program which is made for women of any ages, but the advantages of the program you offer to a woman who is 30 might need to be presented diversely than to an audience of who are fifty and above. A reliable website builder has expertise when it comes to this matter. They know how to target the audience as they are in the business for many years now.

Make a Compelling Headline: The fact that you have just 7 to 10 seconds to get the attention of readers, your headline has to immediately grab the reader. You might try few diverse headlines prior to finding one which keeps your reader on your landing page.

Keep the Page Easy and Simple

Do not distract your readers with lots of moving objects and fancy graphics. Ensure the layout of the page isn’t confusing. Visitors must know precisely where they must read and what they must do. One column seems to work best because it keeps your reader going down the page. A website builder can help create easy to read and simple landing pages. They are expert in including video or audio message on your page. It has been proven to enhance conversion rates. They don’t include links not associated specifically with the action you like your visitors to take.

A Website Builder Just Know How to Put Most Critical Information “above the fold”:

That space on your page, which is seen before you need to scroll down. This is where you’re conveying your message. Whether video, audio, or the written word, above the fold, is the first place your visitors will look to know if your message is of interest.

Clearly, show the benefits of your offer

A professional website builder expertly knows how to use sub-heads and bullets to stress the benefits of what you’re offering. Even when you want the reader to click on a link to other pages, tell them what the advantages will be as an outcome of going to the next page. A website builder will use a testimonial that fits in with the benefits.

Use Reliable Website Builder to Build Landing Pages that Sell

What is more to the standard service you offer to your customers is that it’s never a bad idea to provide some marketing aid as well. Running display campaigns, SEM or any other type of marketing initiatives you can provide assistance to get in with your clients. Much like making a full-blown sites website, website builder can also be utilized to make remarkable landing pages which help get customer conversion on products and services that you want to push forward.

A landing page is often paired with a company’s marketing efforts as a web page for clients to land on. This is made by offering information about a particular service or product feature in an advertisement campaign which links to landing pages which feature a lead capture form or a buy now button.

Features of a Good Website Builder

·         Fully mobile-responsive templates

A good website builder provides hundreds of superior 100 percent landing page templates made for high conversion. Download, promo, sales and opt-in pages- select the one that suits the needs of your business. Add personal touches, and your landing pages are ready in just a matter of minutes.

·         Visual Appeal

A website builder features templates with state of the art styles and appealing designs. While they might follow a distinctive look, most often they conform to the needs of the web users. Also, they convey professionalism which might be hard to reproduce with no huge investment. Choose the best website builder that has extensive selections of mobile and desktop friendly templates.

·         Functional

Talking about usability, a website builder is created to be very functional as well as usable even by novice users.

The best website builders can also assist users to avoid errors and usually have ‘save’ features that stop data loss. The fact that your data is saved externally, it’s always safe. Online editing enables for real-time saving.

A website builder is not only intended to make a full-blown website. It can also be utilized to make responsive landing pages. Do not forget to choose a website builder that offers useful features. Our website builder, WebDo, offers many built-in features and a wide selection of responsive high-quality templates. 

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