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Why Build Your Own Site?

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Why WebDo is the Best Business Website Builder 

Repeated studies have shown that anywhere between 70 percent to 80 percent of consumers research a company online before deciding whether to purchase its goods or retain its services. This makes having an easy to find, attractive, responsive, and informative website incredibly important for companies of all sizes. As a result, you should spend some time researching WebDo, a small business website builder you can use to create the perfect site.

Why You Need a Website

Small businesses suffer without a strong web presence, which must include more than just a few social media pages. Consumers inherently trust companies with established websites over those that just have a Facebook or Instagram account. Investing in a website gives your business credibility, and a well-designed one can help you stand out among your competitors.

Large companies can spend a lot of money on other forms of advertising, such as Google Ads and long-running, far-reaching social media campaigns, to attract consumers even if they lack a substantive web presence. Small businesses often have modest budgets, which restrict advertising efforts, making it important to have a site its audience can go to learn more. Focusing on finding the best business website builder can help you save money on web design while ensuring your company is easily found by your target market.

One reason so many small businesses do not have a website is the perceived time and expense that goes into web design. Hiring a professional designer, submitting your request, reviewing proofs, and giving comments on the final product takes time and can costs thousands. For many people just starting out on their own, the expenses associated with professional web development are prohibitive. As a result, they opt to go without.

Why Build Your Own Site?

Thankfully, there are other options, such as WebDo, for your website development. Small businesses do not always have to hire a costly consultant to set up a user-friendly and responsive site. WebDo is one of the growing number of website builders available for businesses of all sizes, and it can be customized to suit your current needs. Instead of going without a website or dipping into your savings to help promote your start-up, you can easily build your own with WebDo.

Save Time and Money

Saving money is one of the most obvious reasons for building your own site. Paying a professional developer can take a big chunk out of your operating budget, sometimes at the cost of other, crucial business needs. Depending on the type of developer you hire, they may not work to create a website with cost-minimization in mind. Instead, they may try to sell you on expensive hosting and other add-ons. Even developers who do work with small business may not spend the time needed to find you the cheapest hosting and domain name registration options.

For companies that have a tight budget or who are just starting out, these expenses can create massive financial stress. It is much cheaper to use WebDo or another affordable small business website builder to create a website equally as attractive and responsive as one designed by a pro.

Believe it or not, designing your own site can also save you a lot of time. There is a lot of back and forth that happens when you hire a professional website developer. They need to be sure that the final product meets your goals, needs, and expectations. Consequently, you may find that it takes weeks or even months before a final version is ready. When you develop a site yourself, even if you have no prior experience, it tends to come together much faster.

You do not need to consult with a third party, and then wait for them to be free, before desired changes are made. Instead, you can sit down with your computer when convenient for you and play around with layouts and styles. When you find the right one, you can implement it instantly, so you can see its effect and can make changes on your schedule, not someone else’s.

Easy to Find a Website Builder that Suits Your Skill Level

Take the time to look for a website builder, such as WebDo, that offers both a click-and-drag approach as well as customized CSS. This way, you can be sure you have a website builder that suits your skill level. Most small business owners benefit from the click-and-drag method of website creation, as they do not have a background in computer design or web development. This method ensures you can quickly and easily see what the changes you make look like before publication.

However, if you are more advanced, or you think you may want to learn more about web design in the future, a click-and-drag build method may seem too simplistic. Finding a web builder that offers you customized CSS and access to API means you can tailor the details of the site to your individual needs. Make sure you look for a service that gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, web development wise. For example, it is important that you can upgrade your site from the click-and-drag method to something more complex without losing any of your text or images. The best business website builders on the market are those that cater to all skill levels.

Maintain Complete Control

Another reason to build your own website is that you can maintain complete control over each aspect. For example, some web designers have strong feelings about infinite scroll websites that may conflict with yours. As a result, they may try to talk you into their approach, which could leave you unhappy with your website, or at the very least, frustrated with the process. Designing your own means that you can incorporate only those aspects you find appealing without arguing with a third party about your reasons.

Building your own website also means maintaining complete control over your login information, control panel, and other personal information. Some small businesses are not worried about sharing this information with their website developer. Others prefer a higher level of privacy that is not possible when a third party is designing your website and requires access to your personal information as a result. Depending on how they store this information, your website could be at an increased risk for hacks and other types of attacks. Maintaining complete control over this information yourself, and storing your password and other details offline, gives you greater protection against malicious attacks.

What to Look for in a Small Business Website Builder

As it becomes increasingly important for small businesses to maintain an active web presence, there have been a growing number of small business website builders available. It is important to know exactly what to look for when you choose which one to use, since not all are created the same. In fact, some can wind up costing you more in hidden fees and frustration than they are worth. Never go with the first building service you come across in a web search. Instead, spend some time learning about the essential qualities website builders should possess. This gives you the knowledge you need to focus your search and find the best business website builder for you and your company.

Ease of Use

One of the first things you should look for in a website builder is ease of use. It is crucial that you can easily use the tools provided to put together an attractive website without a steep learning curve. If you become frustrated with the process, there is a good chance you may abandon it or spend as little time as possible creating your website. The overall user-friendly nature of the final product suffers as a result. Spending time looking for website builders like WebDo that offer a click-and-drag approach to web design is the best way to find a platform that is perfect for beginners. Look for the following terms to be sure that the usability can meet your needs:

Building block-based

“Lego” style

Pre-made sections




These terms are often used interchangeably to refer to a website that can be built in minutes using templates and pre-set page sections. Web builders using this style are very visual, and perfect for those who have an idea of their final product but lack the coding skills to get there on their own. WebDo, for example, gives users the ability to focus on one specific part of the page while still visualizing how the changes made affect the page as a whole.

When thinking about ease of use, be sure to consider your future personal and professional goals. Look for a website builder that offers both a simplistic approach to web development as well as the ability to upgrade to something more personalized in the future should you require it. For example, you may eventually decide that a web application needs to be built for your site, or you may want to custom code certain aspects to meet your needs.

Some website builders only give you a limited range of options when it comes to APIs and text file editors. These sites essentially punish those who want to upgrade, by making it exceptionally difficult to do so. In those situations, you need to transfer all your data from one server to another, which can take highly specialized knowledge and a lot of downtime. You can avoid this by using WebDo or looking for a builder that offers multiple approaches, and that gives users the chance to switch back and forth between each build method.

Numerous Design Options

Regardless of your approach to your web design, you need to start with a template that suits your company’s needs, tone, and overall aesthetic. Certain website builders only offer a limited range of template and design choices to users. This often results in numerous websites looking the exact same, sometimes within the same industry. One of your goals with web design should be to set yourself apart from the competition, not build a site that resembles theirs. Website building services like WebDo that offer hundreds of templates and further customization options such as color and specific layout, guarantee that your final produce looks unique.

It is also important to pick a website builder with responsive designs. In essence, a responsive website is one that works well and looks visually pleasing on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. Offering a responsive website is a business must, especially in today’s market. Close to 80 percent of all consumers use their mobile phones to interact with web content, including researching local businesses. Websites that are hard to read or difficult to navigate when viewed on a cell phone or tablet discourage users from engaging with that company any further.

Despite the importance of a responsive site, not all website builders offer this as a default feature. Some may provide a few responsive themes in among their other, non-responsive ones. Others may not offer a responsive template at all, requiring special coding if the site is to be viewed on other devices. Make sure you take the time to double check the details of each template before you install it, looking for this information. In addition, you should always double check your finished website on numerous devices and using multiple browsers.

Available Hosting and Domain Name Registration

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Always look for a website builder that offers hosting and domain name registration as part of its packages. While you can find hosting and domain registration from a third party, it is much easier to use the same service for everything. This cuts down on the number of bills you must remember to pay each month and makes it easier to launch your website. Using multiple services often involves inputting special code or downloading various apps to coordinate the hosting, domain name, and website building services. Relying on one provider is significantly easier. In many cases, your website can be launched with one click rather than after hours of coordination.

Not all website builders offer customers hosting and domain registration, or if they do, it is at a much higher rate than they could find elsewhere. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly look into the associated fees before opting to go with one builder over another. WebDo is always a safe bet, as they include hosting and domain name in many of their packages, even offering domain registration for free to many consumers.

Email Address

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It is crucial that any communication from your company looks professional. This means avoiding free email providers like Gmail and looking for a website builder that includes email hosting as part of its packages. Part of publishing website is to make your business look legitimate. Having an email address associated with your domain sends the message to your customers that they are dealing with professionals.

WebDo and a few other website builders offer their customers a number of personalized email addresses, with the specific amount dependant on the package purchased. Ideally, you should also prioritize a website builder that offers web access to those email addresses. In some cases, the email addresses used can only be accessed using a specific program or logging into a complex web address. Other times, they cannot be forwarded to other devices. Make sure you look for a builder that gives you web access to your email, as well as the ability to receive emails when you are on the go.


If you are building your own site, chances are you are going to encounter one or two problems along the way. Nobody is perfect at everything the first time they try, and web design is no different. Finding a builder like WebDo, where you can easily put together the perfect page, is a great start. This cuts down on the questions you have and the complications you encounter. WebDo also offers its customers access to customer support through a few different means, making it easy to obtain help when you need it most. Make sure you look for a builder that gives you this type of access to assistance in all areas, including development, publishing, and billing. You never know when you may encounter issues or need immediate answers.


When looking for the best business website builder, don’t forget to take cost into consideration. You need to know exactly what you are paying for, and how much you can expect your monthly or yearly costs to be. Certain website builders hide fees and other expenses from users, leading to surprises when your card is charged at the end of the month. Look for a website builder like WebDo. Prices and package details are clearly described on the website, giving potential customers everything they need to know in one easy to find location.

Make sure you are not spending a significant portion of your expected earnings on web hosting and development. Doing this yourself can save you money, but you need to be careful when comparing costs to be sure. At a bare minimum, you should know the following information:

Hosting costs per month/quarter/year


Number of email addresses and storage associated with each

Cost of domain name registration per year

Number of web pages included with package

How your data is to be stored

(e.g., local server, Cloud storage, etc.)

Website Bandwith Cost Website Domain Costs

Why WebDo is the Best Business Website Builder

WebDo vs. WordPress

Once you are familiar with the essential requirements, it is clear that WebDo is the best business website builder available. Users can choose from building-block type templates or custom coding to create a website that meets all their needs. WebDo offers its users numerous templates, with hundreds of customization options available for each section of your webpage. The result is a truly unique creation, designed in minutes. More advanced developers can take advantage of the custom API, HTML, and CSS coding available. WebDo also offers free email addresses with every package, and always provides technological support to every customer.

WebDo is based on a building blocks concept, not unlike Lego. This lets you add “blocks” to each page on your site in a way that best matches your needs. Users can also easily see changes as they are made, without the need to preview or publish pages first. The result is a website builder that is perfect for beginners. Creating unique pages takes minutes, and still can set you apart from your competitors. Advanced users can still take advantage of the building block structure, by coding specific blocks for placement on the page. This cuts down on the visualization you need to do in advance, making it faster to code and see your changes.

There are a few other website builders that are available for customers. While each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, none compare to the versatility, user-friendly nature, and affordability of WebDo.

WebDo vs. WordPress

WordPress is one of the oldest website builders around, and there is a reason it has endured. There are a few benefits to using this platform:

  • Users have access to easy to use templates and more advanced coding options
  • There are numerous templates, both paid and free, to choose from
  • You can opt to use WordPress’ hosting and domain name registration services or connect your WordPress site to third-party registrations
  • Some WordPress hosting packages come with email accounts linked to your domain
  • Users have access to support forums and can benefit from a community of experts
  • Prices for bare-bones packages are affordable

While these seem like strong benefits, WordPress cannot offer its customers the same quality of services as WebDo:

  • Steep learning curve
  • Customization can be costly
  • Only a limited number of templates are free
  • Hosting and domain name registration is expensive
  • Adding personalized email address is also expensive
  • Very little personalized customer support

To begin with, WordPress does not offer any click-and-drag templates, meaning that users must learn some minimal level of coding and web design to create truly unique pages. WordPress may offer its advanced users a few more benefits, but these do come with increased cost. For example, if you want to code your own site, you must pay for hosting. WordPress’ hosting packages are all far more expensive than those offered by WebDo. Even discount third-party hosting companies such as HostGator cannot compete with the low prices and reliable performance of WebDo.

In addition, WordPress cannot offer the same level of support as WebDo, making it frustrating for new users with questions. The only place they can go is to the WordPress forums, which does not always guarantee success. WebDo provides one-on-one access to technical support through a ticket-system, which ensures you can track the progress of your issue as it works its way through the system.

WebDo vs. Wix

Wix is a relatively new service, which markets itself on its ease of use. There are a few benefits to using Wix, especially when compared to WordPress:

  • Simple and intuitive design relying on the click-and-drop design approach
  • Numerous design templates to use, and each one is responsive
  • Offers all-in-one website building, hosting, and domain name registration
  • Some packages come with email accounts linked to the domain name
  • Wix offers a Knowledge Base forum, phone support, and email support

Despite these few benefits, the drawbacks to using Wix are numerous:

  • Limited template customization options and no way to code your own site
  • Hosting and domain name registration packages can be expensive
  • There is no way to export your data should you change your template or provider
  • Very few ecommerce options
  • Limited SEO ability

With Wix, there is very little room to grow. If you want to add more pages, change your template, or opt for a higher package, it can be incredibly difficult to do so while keeping all your data. In some cases, you may have to physically cut and paste text to preserve it during upgrades. WebDo always gives you the chance to upgrade when necessary, or downgrade if your business needs change. Customers are not penalized for not knowing with perfect clarity their web development needs right away, unlike with Wix.

In today’s competitive market, SEO is an important part of any website. Certain small business website builders, such as Wix, do not include SEO automatically. This means that, as a default, Wix sites are not crawled by Google the same way a site on WebDo is. This can seriously harm your Google ranking, making it harder for your site to appear next to the competition when services or products are searched for by customers. Unlike Wix, which charges customers for crawling services, all WebDo sites come with SEO tools and are compliant with indexing rules.

Additionally, Wix can be costly to maintain, especially once the initial pricing specials end. Many useful apps and widgets are only available if you pay extra, including ones that facilitate ecommerce solutions, search engine indexing, and other marketing approaches like form building and email collection. In many cases, these fees are hidden and unknown until you research them further or find yourself in need.

While Wix does offer users convenience in terms of bundling web building, hosting, and domain name registration, it cannot compete with WebDo. WebDo gives users the same convenience, without any of the additional cost. In fact, once you add in everything you need to make a Wix site fully functional, its cost is at least twice as much. As a result, it’s a much better investment for small businesses to use WebDo for their website building needs.

WebDo vs. SquareSpace

SquareSpace is another popular click-and-drop website builder. It has been around longer than Wix and offers users more templates and customization than Wix does. There are a few other perks to using SquareSpace:

  • Use one of thousands of pre-existing designs or upload your own
  • SquareSpace automatically selects the typography and color to suit the theme
  • Web analytics are built in to the service
  • All templates are automatically responsive
  • Email addresses are included with some packages

There is no denying that SquareSpace is appealing, especially for new business owners looking to get a website online fast. However, there are numerous drawbacks to the service, some of which are undetectable until you have already made an investment:

  • Customization is incredibly difficult
  • SquareSpace is one of the most expensive website building services
  • There are caps on the number of pages you can include and the number of products you can sell
  • Integrating Google Analytics, instead of relying on SquareSpace’s analytics, is challenging
  • There are very few third-party apps and extensions

SquareSpace excels in the same areas as WebDo, including ease of use, responsive designs, and included email addresses. However, it does so at an increased cost and with more drawbacks. For example, WebDo gives its users the opportunity to make quick and easy changes to their pre-designed templates. With SquareSpace, some of these changes are impossible while others require purchasing expensive add-ons or other apps.

Customizing a SquareSpace website in any way involves learning code injection and figuring out their developer toolset. For beginner users, this can be overwhelming. It is almost as hard as learning how to code the actual changes you want in WordPress. Conversely, WebDo makes it easy to change the content, style, color, and design choices without learning how to code.

While some of those limitations are inconvenient, others are downright damaging to your business. For example, SquareSpace puts a cap on the number of pages you can have. This reduces the amount of information you can provide to your customers and interferes with your ability to present that content in an organized way. Small businesses need to use a website builder that is affordable, customizable, and one that can fulfill all their needs. SquareSpace simply cannot live up to the features and benefits of WebDo, which goes the extra mile to meet consumer need.

Choosing the best business website builder is an important part of starting or growing your small business. It is no longer possible to succeed in business without having your own website. Potential and existing customers alike need to be able to find information about your products and services quickly. Most people search for an alternate source if they cannot find your company online. Thankfully, this does not need to be an expensive endeavor. Using WebDo, the best small business website builder available, makes creating your own site quick, easy, and affordable. Visit WebDo today to sign up and create your perfect site in minutes.