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Date: 2018.7.14        Author: WebDo

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An Overview of the Most Popular SSL Certificate Providers

If you have a site focused on e-commerce, or if you collect information of any kind from your users, then an SSL certificate would be the ideal way to secure data and build trust with your audience.

Of course, knowing that you need an SSL certificate is one thing, but finding the right SSL certificate service provider is another. SSL certificates are provided by some of the world’s leading software security organizations, but not every service is created equal. There are differences in the type of security that is offered, as well as the price.

With WebDo you can use SSL certificates on your sites with no extra charge, however, you will need to obtain the certificates first.

Here you’ll find an overview of the top SSL providers and what they can offer, allowing you to find the best one for your business needs.

The Top SSL Certificate Providers for Business Owners


This company offers SSL certificates and code signing for businesses that want a more secure web presence for e-commerce. One of the best features of GeoTrust SSL is the flexible plans that are on offer. Options can be scaled to meet the needs of any website and business, so mid and large-sized organizations can pay for the services that they need, and nothing more.

GeoTrust has been highly reviewed by business professionals and is currently one of the biggest names in SSL certificates and internet security.


Although second on this list, Comodo is the biggest and one of the most popular SSL certificate providers in the industry. Certificates are highly trusted and are used by companies like HP, Western Digital, Intel, UPS, and Western Union.

Comodo certificates are highly favored because they are simple to purchase and can be very cost-effective for smaller and mid-sized businesses. Comodo sells directly, but it’s also possible to obtain their certificates through certified vendors like The SSL Store (see below).
Encryption of data using these certificates follows the industry standard 256-bit encryption model, and there is dedicated customer support which could be beneficial if you run multiple sites and manage a number of certificates. Like all the best providers today, Comodo offers wildcard certificates that can allow you to secure a whole website including subdomains.


SSL certificates from DigiCert are widely used by website owners. Options include standard SSL certificates, wildcard certificates for total site protection, and multi-domain SSL certificates.

DigiCert has automated certificate management for webmasters with multiple sites across different domains. There are solutions for enterprise as well as small and medium businesses, and DigiCert also offers solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) devices if your company is heavily diversified in the technology field.


Symantec is one of the most trusted names in security and their SSL certificates are widely used in e-commerce and on websites where critical data is collected. Offered through independent vendors, Symantec SSL certificates are designed for businesses that need fully secured sites for single domains and subdomains. Symantec security solutions are typically more expensive than competitors, but in many cases,  they can offer increased protection with industry-leading encryption and there’s also a generous warranty system in place. On some account tiers, there are packages protecting businesses from loss of up to $1.75M caused by ineffective SSL security.

Not the best option if you are on a budget with a small site, but a highly effective solution for enterprise-level power users.


GlobalSign is another leading provider that offers managed solutions for businesses, including multiple site SSL management from a single account. Profiles can be created for webmasters to allow certificates for multiple clients, making GlobalSign a good option if you want to start developing secure sites as part of your business.

SSL Certificates from GlobalSign are highly trusted and are available within minutes of being ordered.

Rapid SSL

Rapid SSL developed a strong customer base thanks to their fast deployment of SSL certificates. With most other providers catching up and now able to compete with availability in just minutes, Rapid SSL instead focuses on competitive pricing and a robust warranty system that puts confidence into their security. There’s a wide range of products on the site, including wildcard certificates which will allow you to secure all of your pages, including any subdomains.

Certificates from Rapid SSL are supported by all modern browsers.

The SSL Store

If you want to purchase through an SSL retailer and get access to the best deals from different providers, then The SSL Store will be of interest to you. Rather than being an SSL provider, this site has partnered with the largest certificate providers and can often offer discounted rates. It’s a good idea to compare rates between what is offered on the main parent sites with what you can find on The SSL Store.

The prices won’t always be cheaper but in most cases, they are competitive, and this is a useful site if you want to see a number of different certificate providers at a glance.

Installing an SSL Certificate on Your WebDo Website

WebDo offers a simple way to implement SSL certificates across your website. You can view our full SSL tutorial here, which will help you to get started once you’re the owner of a certificate from one of the above providers (or any reputable provider of your choice).

With an SSL certificate, your site will be more secure, and your users will appreciate having their communications protected whenever they are purchasing items, sending personal information, or uploading files to your servers.

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