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Date: 2018.6.5        Author: WebDo

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Hosting, Domains, CMS, and Website Builders Explained

Have you ever wondered the difference between hosting, domains, CMS and website builders? Or perhaps are you quite confused with the terms? If so, keep reading for you to find out. 


Hosting is a service that allows businesses, organizations and other individuals to post a web page on the net. A hosting company provides all the essential technologies as well as services for the website to be viewed online. A webpage is hosted or, commonly known as stored on different computers, called as servers.  

When users want to view a site, all they need to do is to type the address of your website. That moment, they are already connected to your server. Then, your page will be delivered to all of them by using the browser. 

Most service providers in this field require you to provide a unique domain. In case you do not have one yet, they will help you make a purchase. This is why you have to work with a reliable company for a maximum of convenience in the future. 


The domain name is considered the address that internet users can enter on a browser to reach a website. It must be easy to remember so that people will never encounter trouble when searching. Like international phone numbers, it gives a server a simple to spell address. It hides the IP address that many people do not need to see or utilize. 

Once you start accessing a site thru a domain name, a browser communicates with a DNS service to understand the former’s IP address. Then, the latter can communicate with the web server. 

It is not the same with URL 

A domain name is different from URL. This larger internet address goes into more detail than a domain. More particularly, it provides more information such as a specific file folder on a server, the protocol language, etc. 

Some problems in the domain name 

Have you ever tried to open a website, but it did not open? If that is the case, there could be reasons behind that problem. Maybe you type an incorrect URL, the DNS server malfunctions, or the site is down. These issues are something you cannot solve. So, it is much better to seek the help of a professional service provider. 


CMS or Content Management System can be classified as a software application that creates or manage any digital content. Typically, it is employed for web content management and enterprise content management. 

ECM is responsible for facilitating collaboration in a working place. It integrated document management, record retention functionalities, and digital asset management. WCM facilitates authoring for different websites. 

The features of Content Management System vary. Nevertheless, the core functions include indexing, format management, revision control, search & retrieval, and publishing. 

The search and retrieval feature index essential data, giving users access via search functions. It also allows people to search publication dates, author, and other attributes. 

When it comes to the format management, it facilitates scanned or legacy electronic documents into PDF or HTML file. 

A CMS may also offer amazing tools for one-to-one marketing. It increases the ability of a site to tailor all its content and advertising. A website can advertise in a way that aligns with the specific characteristics of users. 

Other popular features 

•    Search Engine Optimized and friendly URLs. Using a CMS can make the URL of your site optimized and friendly. This means it will appear on top of a browser during a search. 
•    Integrated help online. 
•    Permission systems 
•    Holistic template support. A CMS company provides full template support. They also have other options that are highly customizable. 
•    Wizard-based versioning procedures and installation 
•    Admin panel with language support
•    Integrated audit logs and file managers
•    Fewer server requirements. Requirements are lessened for a hassle-free experience. 

How to choose a CMS? 

Before you decide to invest in a CMS, there are countless factors or basic functionalities to bear in mind. Direct your attention to a provider with a simple to use editor interface and incredible search capabilities. 
Nonetheless, the software that you will use depends on your particular requirements. Never forget to consider the size or geographic dispersion of your business or organization. Furthermore, a CMS administrator must know how many will utilize an app. 

Website Builders 

A website builder is a tool that allows you to build a site without knowledge about codes. If you don't use a website builder, you have to learn how to code to create a functional and stunning website. Or you need to look for a team to do the job for you. 

At present, it does not always happen anymore. Thru a website builder, you can have one without coding experience or background. At the end of the day, you can have a site without hassles and other dilemmas. 

Why use a site builder? 

What makes a website builder amazing is that it can structure or create a site in no time without technical skills. By signing up to a service provider, picking up a theme, and customizing your site, your journey will be stress-free. You will end up with one that can compete with other sites over the internet. 

Whether you need to get a site as soon as possible, then taking advantage of a website builder from a reputable company could be a brilliant idea. 

Why choose WebDo? 

With the high demand from a variety of individuals, there has been a rise of website building tools out there. And one of those is the WebDo. There are a lot of mobile-friendly templates, pre-built pages, SEO tools, and social media solutions. The good thing about us is that there is a free trial. At first, you can build a site without costs. 

Whether you have questions or other concerns, never hesitate to contact us. You can also reach us at our emails. Our customer support has the passion and enthusiasm to help. Be one of our satisfied clients today! 

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