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Date: 2018.4.4        Author: WebDo

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Pages You Need to Have on Your Business Website

A WYSIWYG website builder is a great way to start creating an online presence for your business. With free services like WebDo, you can start to develop and test online pages that will help you to achieve your business goals. A DIY website builder can make the creation process easy, but you’ll still need to know the most important pages that your site needs. Although established businesses usually have varying approaches to their online presence, there are some industry-standard practices that you can follow when you are just getting started.

From your home page to your contact page, these are the most important pages that you can create with a WYSIWYG website builder.

Privacy and Terms of Service

We’ll start with some of the ‘boring’ pages that don’t receive a lot of attention. In reality, they’re still absolutely necessary.

Privacy, Disclaimer, and Terms of Service pages are needed for any website that collects information from customers (in the form of sign-up forms or online orders). Even if you don’t specifically collect any information, these pages can be very useful, and can even help with search engine optimization.

In addition to outlining all of the legal information and disclaimers, these pages can also feature targeted keywords that relate to your business. As you continue to develop your online presence, you will learn that optimization is essential for getting noticed by your target market. The more optimized pages you have, the better your potential search ranking will be. By adding relevant legal information pages, you give Google and Bing more opportunities to index your website.

Essentially, more content means better opportunities to use keywords, so these pages should not be ignored, even if you think you don’t need them.

About the Company

An about page will allow you to talk about your company and what it has to offer to your target market. This type of page allows for a lot of creative freedom, however, you should always focus your content on the benefits that you provide to your customers. Rather than just stating all of your business credentials and achievements, you should illustrate how this qualifies your company as the best service provider for your potential customers.

An about page is easy to create when you use a DIY website builder, and you’ll be able to use templates and standard building block page elements when you are using a powerful editor like WebDo. You could even build on the concept of an about page by also creating a page that introduces your team. You can include profile images and a little bit about each team member. Again, you can use these pages for search engine optimization by strategically placing keywords. These pages also serve a direct purpose of informing your current and future customers.

Portfolio of Work

If your company deals in a service, then a portfolio can be a powerful way to inspire confidence in your web audience. Creating a portfolio page will allow you to showcase your work and your expertise. This kind of page can be used in almost any industry. As an example, a specialty cake company could use a portfolio to showcase previous creations. Likewise, a construction company could use a portfolio to showcase previously completed projects. Even companies that deal primarily in products can use a portfolio page. Different products could be combined and professionally photographed and then used on a portfolio page to show how certain products are used and enjoyed.

The creative freedom on this type of page is ultimately up to you. Remember to combine both text and images so that you can make a visual impact while also conveying specific information.

Contact Page

Some businesses simply leave their contact details on the footer of each page. While this is functional in basic terms, it’s still not enough. A separate contact page is expected by most users, because it can provide more information than just a simple header or footer. Listing your contact details in more than one place will ensure that every visitor will be able to find what they’re looking for.

When working with a WYSIWYG website builder, you will be able to create powerful contact pages that include more than just basic text information. Special plugins can even make use of the Google Maps API to include specific directions to your place of business.

Yet again, your contact page also offers a space where you can add more keyword optimized content, helping with page indexing and search ranking. When you use the DIY website builder on WebDo, you will have the advantage of pre-made blocks that allow you to drag and drop maps and text boxes that have been designed specifically for contact pages. You don’t need any knowledge of coding plugins and instead get to leverage off of the power of the world’s best business website builder.

Product Ordering / Service Booking Page

Here’s one that many businesses miss out on. Even if your primary concern is not ecommerce, you do still need to provide some option where page visitors can book services, order products, or request a consultation or further information.

Many internet users today expect that they can buy things online, so even if you don’t have the infrastructure to fully automate this, you can at least make it as simple as possible from the customer’s end.

Businesses that provide general services (landscaping, interior design, construction, photography, computer repairs etc.) can always benefit from having an online booking system. You could increase lead generation and drive revenue just from adding an ordering page to your website.

Build all of These Pages with a WYSIWYG Website Builder

Creating a website is easier when you have the right tools. WebDo provides a fully graphical DIY website builder that is intuitive and powerful. You can create all of these pages and more, using standardized building blocks that are ready for customization.

Your online presence will open up opportunities for your business, and WebDo can help you to achieve your goals.

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