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Date: 2018.5.22        Author: WebDo

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What Features does really matter for a Website Builder

A website builder is a perfect solution for people who want to start a website for their small business. Using a website builder will also eliminate some extra payments for hiring a website developer. Although using a website builder has been widely used by most entrepreneurs and business people today, finding the best website builder is still a huge problem these days.

With so many website builders available, how will you know which is the “right one”? Finding the right website builder that will help you create and design your own website should be your top priority.  If you are unsure of what you want for a website builder, then it is better to conduct a research and compare the different website builders out there.

Features of an Ideal Website Builder

Most of these website builders are offering a drag and drop interface in building a website. With this, you might encounter difficulty in deciding on what builder to choose since most of them are offering the same features. Next, you need to consider the growth options of your website. Do you need to conduct regular updates of your website page? Are you going to put a blog forum on your website? You need to make sure that the website that you will choose can handle all your needs for your site and business to flourish.

When looking for a reputable and most reliable website builder, you need to take note of the following features.

•    Ease of Use

A website builder is designed to provide every person the chance to create and design a website as quickly as possible. An ideal website builder should be straightforward and easy to use. If the website builder is very complex, difficult to use, with hard instructions to follow and very confusing, then it’s about time to look for a better one. Spending your time with this kind of builder will not save you time and money. The ease of use is the top feature of an ideal website builder that you need to take into account.

•    Quality Themes and Website Templates

Another essential feature of a website builder that matters is the quality of the designs and templates. Along with the ease of use, an ideal website builder should offer mobile-friendly, clean, customizable and modern designs. You can find hundreds of customizable templates that spanning from the different categories. When looking for the best website builder, opt for the one that offers a good and modern quality of website templates.

•    Customization Options on Design Templates

An ideal website builder should be able to let you change the feel and look of your website. Most of these website builders will let you change the color, layout, font and the background of the website. There are some that can give you the access to the template with the use of the CSS and HTML codes for advanced customization.

•    eCommerce Solutions

Websites are created to show to your customers about your products or services being offered. If you are planning to sell a product, on your website, what you need to do is to check if the website builder is providing a reliable eCommerce solution. Not all website builders are offering this feature. Therefore, you have to take note that an ideal website builder should have this kind of solution. There are also some website builders that let you build a functional online store for your products with the aid of their eCommerce apps and tools.

•    Webpage Layouts

Since you want to make an edge and your website will serve as your face, choosing a website template design is an important factor to consider. In designing a website, you need to select the right font, color, style, and layout. However, if you want to add a page to your website yet, you don’t know how then this is where web page layouts come to the rescue. With the help of a website builder which is equipped with pre-designed page layouts, you can quickly change the page you want. All you have to do is to pick the one that best fit your needs and then start editing the content of your own.

•    Functionality

It has been known to many that social media has greatly invaded the humanity. Therefore, when choosing for a website builder, one of the critical features to look is social media integration and functionality. Since Facebook has been widely used by many people, it easily allows you to add a Facebook account and Share button. Most of these website builders are equipped with sharing buttons that can be easily added to your website pages.

•    Blogging Tool

Since the primary job of a website builder is to create a website and not a blog, therefore there are some builders out there that do not have any blogging capabilities. Most of these builders are equipped with features and basic tools for creating blogs or even adding posts, social sharing, and other blog categories. Your ideal website builder should have standard features allowing you to post, comments and implementing social blogs.

Aside from the list above, you need to check the ability of the website builder as well such as:

•    Image Editing
•    Website reports and analytics
•    Domain name Hosting
•    Domain email Hosting

Why Choose WebDo as your Website Builder?

For those who are looking for the best and ideal website builder, WebDo is one of the most sophisticated website builders which are capable of controlling every bit of your website. There are many reasons why you should choose WebDo as your website builder.

WebDo offers customizable designs, responsive and modern website templates. Your website is always ready for WebDo Website Builder. The website builder also uses Bootstrap CSS for a more responsive website.  

With this platform, you can create the website that you want and achieve the results you desire. WebDo has all the essential features you need to make your site pay for itself. Create your responsive and mobile-ready website now with WebDo Website Builder!

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