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A website is essential in today’s always connected and decentralized business landscape. Websites have become critical for B2C and B2B relationship building, and an increasing number of consumers and businesses prefer to find service providers and products online. To put it quite simply; if you don’t have a website, then you’ll miss out on a significant portion of your potential market.

Understanding that you need a website is the simple part but learning the technical skills necessary to develop a website can seem daunting at first. How can you build an efficient website theme, can your website scale as you grow in the future, and what’s the best coding language to use for the features that you want on your website?

In the early days of the internet, developing a website required a deep technical understanding of code and emerging web technologies. Today, things are made much simpler with WYSIWYG website builders.

There are a number of competing platforms available today, many of which claim to offer a simple and intuitive way to build a professional website. Some are able to deliver on their promises, while others fall far short. If you’re struggling to find something that meets your needs, then learning about the best WYSIWYG website builder will give you confidence in knowing that you’re making the right decision.

WebDo.com is a powerful site builder that doesn’t just focus on creating the front and backend of a website, but it also provides access to all of the necessary hosting technology and web applications that will make a fully functioning site that is suitable for today’s internet.

It's time to learn about all of the features, advantages, and the concepts behind WebDo.com, and how they combine to create the best solution for your business or personal branding website.

Making Sense of the Acronym: What is a WYSIWYG Website Builder?

Before learning about the most powerful and intuitive website builder on the market today, you’ll need to understand exactly what WYSIWYG is.

The acronym can appear intimidating at first, but it actually refers to an extremely simple and useful design concept.

What You See is What You Get – WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG refers to a graphical interface where you design something using intuitive tools that build a product in real time. With web design, it means that you can create a website through an easy to use editor that will feel familiar to anyone who has worked with programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Google Docs, and other similar pieces of software.

A WYSIWYG website builder like WebDo allows you to create a website by arranging elements based on how you want the site to look and feel. Add a block of text, and what you see on your screen is exactly how it will appear when your website is published. Add images and page elements like forms and buttons, and you’ll only need to drop them into the editor and arrange them on the page according to your needs.

The best part about a WYSIWYG editor is that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of web coding to be able to create an attractive, functional, and fast website. Code is generated as you work in the editor, and you’ll never need to look behind what you’re actually creating on screen.

Essentially, a WYSIWYG site builder is like having a team of fully experienced designers, developers, and coders on your payroll. Of course, the difference is that you’ll get to do everything yourself, matching your site to your exact specifications, with none of the cost that you would incur if you were working with an actual team.

What Makes WebDo Different to Other WYSIWYG Website Builders?

If you think WYSIWYG sounds like a great way to build a website, then you’re not alone. There are several content management systems available today, which allow inexperienced users to develop web pages through graphical interfaces.

The most popular site building software solutions have gone a long way in simplifying the entire web content creation and publishing process, however, they’ve only managed to do so to a certain degree.

Even with the most popular solutions there’s still a learning curve when it comes to developing pages, and sometimes learning to use the software can detract from the experience and increase the time it takes to publish your page. With some of today’s solutions, users can become so frustrated that they end up not building a site at all and end up paying professionals to do it for them.

When a WYSIWYG site builder is supposed to uncomplicated the entire process, why is it that so many people still rely on professional developers to get their sites published?

It comes down to a few factors…

Time spent learning the software

Flexibility of the software for new users

Amount of coding knowledge required to customize a website

Available plugins that are used to add features and applications to a website

WebDo has been created to address all of the problems that users have with the most popular content management systems and site builders. It is simple to use and doesn’t require prior coding knowledge or a deep understanding of web technologies. It is flexible in the way that it can allow you to create anything ranging from a simple personal branding website, right up to a full featured corporate or ecommerce website. It offers plugins and web apps as part of service, meaning that you don’t need to hunt for the right solutions or go through a trial and error process to find what works for you.

Perhaps most importantly, WebDo is a complete WYSIWYG website builder. While other graphical site builders claim to be WYSIWYG in nature, there are often processes that need to be taken care of through traditional lines of code or by accessing text-based interfaces. Software like this will lead to frustration and road blocks in the design process.

Because WebDo is completely graphical and 100% WYSIWYG in every sense of the concept, you’ll never hit a stumbling point when designing your own professional website.

Exploring the Features and Benefits of the WebDo WYSIWYG Website Builder

Before deciding on any kind of software or technology, you’ll need to be absolutely sure that it can meet your needs.

If you’re ready to build a site, then you need to start thinking about what you want to achieve with your web presence. Not only will this help you to determine the best site building software, but it will also help you with your strategy as you move forward.

What do you use your site for?

What kind of content will you publish on your site?

Who is your audience?

What do your competitors sites look like, or which sites inspire you?

How large is your audience and how much traffic do you expect to receive?

Keeping all of this in mind, you can learn about the features of WebDo and how the WYSIWYG site builder will help you to achieve your goals.

WebDo Requires no Prior Experience in Web Design or Development

The most important feature and the strongest benefit to be gained from using WebDo is that you don’t need any experience in web site creation. This means no coding, no working with a traditional content management system, and no design experience.

Upon creating a WebDo account you’ll be able to get started right away with preset templates that have been created by professional designers. The designs are contemporary and meet the industry standards for both personal and professional websites. A template and theme allows you to have continuity throughout every page on your website, and the WYSIWYG website builder allows you to fully customize the preexisting themes to meet your unique needs and ideas.

Do you need to brand your website with a specific color theme that is integral to your business or personal brand? Would you like to embed a logo and other graphical assets to further add branding that will be recognized by your audience? WebDo allows you to do this quickly and easily, and it’s possible to get the basic elements of your website sorted in just a short amount of time.

What You’ll Find with Standard Templates

If you want to tinker with design elements to create your own theme, then you can start with a basic page template from within the WebDo WYSIWIG website builder. If you don’t have the time to customize a theme right away, then you can choose from a number of professional themes that have been created based on the needs of modern businesses.

One thing that you’ll find useful about WebDo is that the themes are categorized by business niche. If you need a website for a plumbing service, then you’ll find a high-quality theme that has been designed with your industry in mind. If you are creating a Beauty & Wellness page, then there will also be a theme template available for you. The templates that are available reflect the most popular industries that can be found online today. Free themes are of the highest professional quality, which is something that you won’t find on every website builder.

There are more than 40 free themes available which cover specific industries and interests, or you can choose from basic landing pages and open-ended templates that you can turn into your own.

Templates are Fully Customizable

A template can be perfect for a starter page and for familiarizing yourself with the WYSIWYG website builder, but you will eventually want to start customizing elements on the template to better suit your business. This could include adding a logo as mentioned, or you may want to add images that reflect your business and the work that you do. If you’re building a site for personal branding, then you may want to add profile images or other stock images related to your profession.

Whatever it is that you want to add to a template, it’s important that there’s an intuitive and easy way to start customizing. On WebDo, images can be quickly changed for your own uploaded images, and you’ll be able to adjust the alt-text for the image (the text that appears on mouse-over), or you could even use the image as a hyperlink to direct your audience another one of your pages or to an external resource.

Text can easily be changed simply by clicking within a text block, and you’ll be able to modify font and layout.

You may even love a theme but don’t need all of the elements that are present. This is absolutely fine, and the WYSIWYG editor will allow you to completely remove elements to make the theme truly unique and functional for your specifications. While themes can always be used ‘as is’ and without major editing, it’s also encouraged that you use themes as blueprints for efficient web design. The more you work with themes and templates, the more you’ll begin to understand what makes a website attractive and user friendly.

After creating a few pages using WebDo, you may even find that you no longer need the base templates, and you may start to develop templates of your own. Your site projects can be saved and edited, so you can always come back and edit, remove, or improve.

It’s this scalability that makes WebDo the best WYSIWYG website builder available today. It’s beginner friendly, yet powerful enough for even experienced developers and designers to work with. As your skills grow, you’ll continue to unlock the full potential of the graphical editor, allowing you to create websites that look as good, if not better, than the sites that people have paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to develop.

What if You Want to Start Without a Template?

Template themes are perfect if you want to hit the ground running with a fully functioning website where the elements are already in place for you. With a template, you’ll only need to insert your unique content and any images that you want to use, and you’ll be ready to go with a professional site.

Another option is to start a project without a template and build up each element based on your own specifications.

The WYSIWYG website builder follows a system of blocks to add elements to a page. Think of your website as a blank desktop, and each page element as a piece of Lego. You add elements, or blocks as they are called in the editor, and you will gradually build a complete and fully customized page. It’s a simple concept that is highly intuitive, yet it’s also powerful and flexible.

Blocks are arranged by categories, so you can easily add headings, blocks of text, images, and even special elements like videos or social media buttons.

The power of the WebDo WYSIWYG website builder is largely found in the flexibility of the blocks that can be introduced.

Do you want to create a page that introduces your team with short descriptions and a profile image? You can do that from within the basic editor and use blocks from the dropdown list.

Maybe you would like to explain how a product or service works? There are template blocks that can be used, including diagrams and numbered steps, which you can then populate with your own information.

The blocks are simple to use and are professionally designed. First time users of WebDo will discover that it’s incredibly easy to go from a blank page to professional page with eye catching design, sometimes in just a few minutes. If you’ve ever worked with software for creating simple documents, then you’ll feel right at home with the tools that are offered in the block system.

Each block can be arranged on the page and further customized to meet your needs. Block customization allows you to change things like alignment of text, font and color, and image placement or padding.

Going Beyond the Blocks to Customize Universal Page Features

Blocks are the main tools that you’ll use to design a page and add content. In addition, there are universal page settings that you can use to ensure that there is consistency throughout your content and your website.

You can change whether you want your page to occupy the full screen, or if you would like content to be boxed in the center of a page. You can add a box shadow to improve the aesthetic, or you can change the background color to match your business branding. You’ll also be able to set universal fonts to automatically change the font of all headings and body content on your page. All of this is done easily and instantaneously from the side menu, and there’s absolutely no coding required.

If you don’t want to use a solid color or any of the graphical backgrounds that are provided, then you’ll be able to upload your own to the platform. This allows you to get a fully customized look that will be unique from any other website online. Yet again, the flexibility of the site building software is showcased, and you’ll find everything laid out through simple side menus and logical icons that let you know exactly what you’re looking at.

As you should already be able to determine from the features discussed so far, WebDo truly is a WYSIWYG website builder, with no hidden extra steps that require knowledge of style sheets or HTML coding.

Tinkering Behind the Scenes with a Full Code Editor

Underneath the graphical interface is all of the code that is necessary to build a professional website. You’ll never need to read or edit a single line of this code to get a great looking website, however, the functionality is there for those that need it.

People who are experienced in coding sometimes prefer to edit pages using a text interface. Every single element present on a WebDo page can be accessed with a built-in code viewer that allows for quick edits or checks of the page code.

The code view mode is not only suitable for those who are familiar with website coding; it can also be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about what’s going on behind the graphical interface. Do you want to know how the code that is used to differentiate heading text from body text? Maybe you’d like to see how paragraphs are separated, how images are sized and aligned, or even how hyperlinks are formatted. You can view all of your code for every page element without making changes, and this can help you to better understand how websites are built.

You may even find that the WYSIWYG website builder becomes a high-quality learning tool that gets you closer to writing your own code.

Control Panel Features That Allow You to Work Smarter and Faster

The site building tools are powerful and need to be experienced to truly understand just how intuitive they can be. Of course, you’ll also need to add content to your site to ensure that you are able to convey your message to your audience.

Targeted content that is focused on your niche will help you to develop authority, generate leads, and build customer loyalty. WordBricks is an application that you can use to add blog content to your website, and it uses a powerful WYSIWYG editor that will feel familiar to the word processor or email programs that you use every day. WordBricks allows for easy content creation, image upload, and even video upload if you want to add content that is visually appealing.

WordBricks can be accessed with your WebDo login and configuration can be performed through the main control panel. You’ll even be able to configure your SEO information here so that your pages will be visible and ranked in the world’s largest search engines.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a collection of strategies that are used to raise your page ranking on sites like Google and Bing. On-page SEO data can be auto generated with very little user-configuration, and the process is just as intuitive as when you build your site. WordBricks adds value to the WebDo platform by continuing the concept of a complete WYSIWYG website builder.

The control panel allows you to access a cloud webmail service, manage databases, and also your hosting settings. The WebDo control panel is much simpler to use when compared to cPanel and other solutions that are often used.

How it All Comes Together to Turn Your Idea into a Functioning Website

A WYSIWYG website builder provides significant benefits by making website creation accessible to anyone, even without prior experience. WebDo doesn’t just provide the software to create your website through a simple online interface, but it also offers a cloud platform for publishing your website, with different options for free and paid accounts.

With a free account you get access to the complete WYSIWYG editor where you can create a professional, attractive, and functional webpage. Your free account provides 2GB of storage space for all of your assets like images, logos, and the content that you will use to communicate with your audience. This account also allows you to host up to three websites with complete access to the API settings (for adding applications to your site), and you can publish the site with sponsored bandwidth that leverages off of the powerful WebDo domain.

The free option is perfect for new home-based businesses that want to establish a web presence.

As your business grows, the service will keep scaling to meet your needs. There are three upgrade tiers which allow you to continue using the powerful WYSIWYG website builder, but with some additional features that are perfect for more complex pages and larger businesses.

The affordable Entry level package offers 20GB of storage, up to 10 Email accounts, and 10Gb of free bandwidth. You can host your site on sponsored bandwidth or use pay as you go hosting to remove sponsorship. Business tier offers 50Gb storage, twice as many email accounts, and up to 20GB of free bandwidth. You’ll also be able to host 20 websites and you’ll gain access to helpful Email marketing tools that allow you to grow your audience by developing a responsive email list.

For professional developers, marketers, or anyone that needs to run multiple websites for business needs, there’s a Pro package available. 100Gb of cloud storage is offered, with 30 Email accounts, a free domain name, up to 50 simultaneous website projects, and 40GB of bandwidth. Sponsored and pay as you go bandwidth options are available with this tier.

Sponsored bandwidth means that you’ll have unobtrusive advertisements embedded on your website once you pass the bandwidth limit associated with your package. With pay as you go, you’ll simply pay for additional bandwidth, which will remove all third-party advertising from your website.

Are You Ready to Start Building Your Web Presence?

There’s simply no better way to start building your website. With a professional website you can market your business, start developing leads, and generate an income from your core offerings. Even if you simply need a website to use as an online resume or personal brand tool, you’ll find that the WebDo WYSIWYG website builder is flexible and powerful enough to help you succeed.

Registration is completely free, and you can get started with the full editor, even on the free tier. You can publish your site and continue to tweak your design elements and upgrade your account later through the control panel. With email, blogging, and web applications APIs built into the core WebDo software, you’ll get much more from your website than what you could get from any other site building tool. Best of all, you won’t need to know a single line of code to get high quality results.

WebDo builds webpages with efficient and responsive coding that ensures fast page load times and an ideal experience on any browser or device. This means that your pages will be mobile-ready, and suitable for indexing with Google’s upcoming mobile-first algorithm. Many webmasters may struggle to keep their sites optimized for the latest search algorithms, but that’s not something that you’ll ever need to worry about when using WebDo.

Consider all of the benefits of building your site today:

A simple graphical interface that allows you to drag and drop ‘block’ elements to build a web page.

Full customization of templates allows you to maintain a professional and consistent theme across your websites.

A nearly non-existent learning curve if you’re familiar with basic web applications and office productivity software like Microsoft Word.

Free sponsored hosting and bandwidth, with professional options including unique domain names when you need to upgrade.

Complete access to the WYSIWYG site builder with free membership.

Access to additional web tools like a blogging platform that helps with your SEO optimization.

Cloud email services for business and personal use.

Complete control for developers who need it, including editors for every element of your website (using HTML, JAVA, XML, TS, JSON, and CSS).

A scalable hosting framework that allows you to choose the services you need as your business grows.

Micro application support with minimal configuration requirements. Add powerful tools like contact forms, action trigger settings, and bookings for interviews, services etc.

Start Building Today

Other content management systems can be useful for intermediate and advanced users, but sometimes you can get bogged down in customizing every last plugin and feature. WebDo provides what you need, when you need it, all from a simple platform.

You won’t need to worry about setting up external domain and web hosting and keeping everything within one platform will keep your web strategy streamlined and easy to track and understand.

You can start building your site using the world’s best WYSIWYG website builder today, with free sign up and instant access at WebDo.com