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Website Builder

Start from scratch or choose from our designer-made website templates. With the help of our user-friendly drag and drop website builder, you can design any type of website you want.

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Never worry about the technical aspects of your website ever again! We take care of all your website’s needs so that it will run smoothly with no downtime.

No downtime

Hosted websites are always online due to our highly scalable web services load balancing.

Cloud web solution

Our CLOUD web services are an upper layer on top of the infrastructure services offered by Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean.

Simple control panel

Manage all your websites and apps from one place only! Everything is at one click away. It can’t get any easier than this!

Extra file management features

We offer you an integrated file management area where you can keep your documents safely.

Web mail account

WEBmail offers email account access with basic functionalities and an easy to use interface. All emails are stored and encrypted on your Cloud Drive account.

Databases and API integration

Our base architecture is service-oriented and based on highly scalable REST micro-services.


All the online tools you need

Survey App
Newsletter App
WebBuilder App
eDetailing App

Web Mail

The WEBMail service was carefully designed to maximize the benefits of using an email application. Our service is focused on productivity. The user interface uses modern views with side by side received and sent email folders, plus intuitive filtering on both. This feature simplifies the way you use a domain-personalized email account.


Integrated with our tools for newsletters and surveys, you can accomplish more in less time.

Highly secured

All your data is kept encrypted on both the server side and during all transfers.

Easy to manage

The user interface lets you focus on writing your email, without distractions.

Web Drive

DRIVE offers a web interface for file access and web hosting. We are using object storage for your files.

  • Send files by email secure download links
  • Encrypted storage
  • TEXT file editor
  • Manage the file storage of your websites
  • Share files between accounts.

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