The WEB Builder

Today websites are mobile first as the web browsing is moving to mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets), 60% of web browsing comes from mobile devices. In order to maintain a single website that offers cross-device support responsive design should be used.
We use Bootstrap CSS for website responsiveness.

The web builder will help you to create easily a new website and more important to maintain the website in time without the complexity of a CMS system, it saves your time and let you focus on the website content.

"keep it simple"

Create websites in few easy steps:

- chose a template or start with a new project

- create/edit your web pages

- publish the website

Each template can be fully customized being just a base for your new website.
Number 6 in next images was started from a template (no 2 image).

Next sample screens are from this website created with the Web Builder.

WebDo offers one of the simplest way to create and maintain HTML5 websites. Created websites are responsive mobile ready.
WYSIWYG page editors and designer block sections are used to easily create and edit a web page.
You can create web pages and set SEO information's, everything is one click near.

Just drag and drop a section that match your page, click and edit text or change pictures. There are hundreds block sections created to cover most requests. Click on text end edit.

Block sections are designed to be responsive.  Using designed blocks allows faster page creation and offer the solution for mobile ready web-pages.

Each block can be hard-code edited. Use "<>" icon button to open a small HTML editor for your block section. Add here your web page code (html, style, script). This is not a required action, can be used to extend your website pages with custom elements.

Page header and menus

Set your website header and menu options.

Settings -  your website header defaults ( logo, title, fonts and colors)
Menu - set the website menu (simple one level menu only - for better integration with mobile devices ).
More - more website menu settings (always on top, different colors and start position).
To have in-page menu links, you will need to add an ID to the section to be linked and next the menu link should be like next sample:
     -  index.html#aboutus   ( pagehtml#blockid ), more information here.

Website page and layout settings

Change the page layout and font settings for website pages.
Page background color and opacity can be set.

Chose form wide to boxed web-pages, set the box shadow/color in case.

Website background settings

Set website pages background and options (stretch, fixed ...).

You may chose from some default options or add your own background image.


Create and copy your website files to the public web-hosting CLOUD folder.

You can find the published website files using the CLOUD Drive,
the folder is located in Applications/ webroot/ builder/ websites/ <project code>


Use "New Page" to create a new web-page.
Use "Pages" to navigate to different pages into your project.
Use "Page settings" to set your page SEO elements (keywords, description, default image).


Edit custom CSS files associated with your website.
Backup/restore the project.
Download project, the project is zipped and can be downloaded.
Import project option can import an project saved before. It will overwrite the existing project settings.


Site settings - set SEO default information for your website (keywords, description, Google-ID for analytic).
Add a "favicon" icon to your website.
Open another project. for more information