Cloud WEB email client

WebDo offers a new web mail client  focused on productivity
Email is older than the WEB itself, still in use and having a constant growth, each today business relay on email systems.

The user interface uses modern views with side by side in&sent emails folders and short filtering on both. This option simplify the way you use the email client.

We have made the compromise to keep you less in front of the email client with it's simplified interface, hoping that will increase your daily productivity.

Contact management, a rich email editor and simple to use mirror folders are the most valuable

The contact management offer contact groups and an easy filtering option, one text box search them all (names, addresses, groups ...).


There are already a lot of email clients,  we chose to offer a more productive user interface. Spending less time with your email client software was our goal. Minimalist design and focus on elements that are really used are the main features of our WebMail client.

Rich email editor

Emails tabs in web application

Use it with your own domain or chose from our free domain names:

1. You may use your own domain by redirecting the MX and TXT (SPF) records to our infrastructure from your DNS provider management platform.  (   see domains/domain redirect options)

2. Buy a new domain from us, DNS records are automatically set to use our email servers by default (changes can be made).

3. Use one of next domain names at your choice:


Email accounts are managed from the WebDo account control panel .


Email accounts uses the WebDo account allocated storage. The free storage quota is 2GB for the free account.
Sample: the basic hosting offers of 10GB of storage, this space can be used by DRIVE, WEB hosting and EMAIL clients.
DRIVE is a private space for files storage.
WEB hosting are all your websites hosted with WebDo.

CLOUD redundant object storage is used.


The emails are stored encrypted on redundant CLOUD storages.
We do not index emails content, emails search will work on subject and addresses only. While may look like a lack of resources we had chosen to do this for better security and privacy of exchanged messages. The impact is minimal as you still can search other email information, on the other hand the messages are more secure as there are no index files. Keep it simple is the word here.
WebDo uses encryption by default when possible in email transfer processes, these depends by third parties email servers settings.

The free emails account uses the same infrastructure and policy, we do not and will not index emails for marketing or any possible reason.


In order to register an email account you must have a WebDo account first.