WEB Drive

Manage your WebDo CLOUD space using an easy interface

Files, websites storage, web applications, syntax editors for JS, CSS, HTML and more.

CLOUD web drive

  • WEB application
  • Encrypted storage
  • TEXT file editor
  • Manage websites files storage
  • Publish WEBSITES from the application
  • Edit websites files (HTML, JS, CSS, ...)
  • Share files link by email

Simple web interface, easy to use standard drive application.
There are some limitations from your desktop drive application, however it offers most you may need to manage your files and your website files.


help files

Any folder stored under Applications/webroot/ folder can be made public on the WEB, to be a website it just need an index.html file on its root. Use the button icon right to the folder if you want to create a website root and chose your web address.

Use ZIP / UNZIP to take your website or add more files to it.

Websites published with the WEB builder are stored here and can be modified as you may need.    

Applications/ webroot/ builder/ websites/ <project-code>


Right click on text file and press Edit to open the file in edit mode. Files in Applications/webroot/builder/websites/... are overwritten when you publish your projects.

TEXT editor

CLOUD web drive offers text editor with syntax highlight for a lot of text files formats.

Edit HTML, JS, CSS, JSON files. You can edit and create an website just using the WEB drive and text editor.

Share file

CLOUD web drive offers a file sharing solutions.

You can send an email link to your file stored with WebDo, you can control the number of downloads and number of days to be available.

It can be used when you need to send an large file that may slow your email client or can not be sent as attachment.

Offers a secure file download of your shared file, next you can see if your file where downloaded and how many times.

Just use the icon button right next to your file in DRIVE application.

WebDo drive offer API's for web application integration, documentation will be available in short time.