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Now more than ever, using a mobile website builder is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Close to 60 percent of people who browse using their mobile device abandon websites that take longer than three seconds to load. With over 70 percent of people using their mobile devices to research companies and shop online, not having a website optimized for mobile costs your business money.

Thankfully, building a mobile-friendly website does not need to be a challenge or a costly investment. WebDo, a mobile website editor, gives its users the ability to design unique webpages, regardless of skill level, and publish them in minutes. Take a look at a few reasons why WebDo is the best mobile website builder for businesses of all sizes, and start building the website of your dreams today.

Design Options

There a few design options that all clients should demand from their website builder. These include:

Ability to create a website from scratch, with templates, or a combination of the two

Hundreds of page sections with customization options available

Numerous templates

Drag-and-drop options

Custom CSS, HTML, and API options

Fast publication

Aesthetically pleasing on all devices and using multiple browsers

The mobile website editor you use must be able to meet those qualifications above at a minimum. Trying to build a site without these qualities is time-consuming and frustrating for users of all skill levels.

Numerous Template and Style Choices

When you design a website to promote your products or services, it is important to set yourself apart from your competitors. Of course, you want to be sure that you also offer customers important information about your industry, but the look and feel of your website must be different. It is okay to let yourself get inspired by a few design options, but be very careful to avoid copying them outright.

As a result, you should look for a mobile website builder that offers users numerous templates and customization options. Some builders do not give you this type of variety, resulting in cookie-cutter websites. Sometimes there are so few design options a savvy web visitor might even be able to identify the platform used to make the site. Obviously, this is not ideal.

Company owners may not want to spend ages building the site, but it is crucial that your customers believe you have invested time and effort into your web presence.

The Website Should Grow with You

It is also a good idea to look for a website builder that can grow with you if your design skills develop. A drag-and-drop build style is perfect for beginners, but this approach can be a bit restrictive if you want to include more personal touches or have something different in mind for the final version of your website. At a bare minimum, you need to find a building platform that gives you both drag-and-drop options and custom CSS. Make sure you can transfer your data between both types of build approaches if you do decide to upgrade or change things around in the future.

WebDo is the perfect building platform for users of all skill levels. Beginners, or those who do not have a keen desire to learn about CSS and HMTL coding, can enjoy the easy-to-use drag-and-drop format. You can choose from many different templates, and WebDo gives you the chance to add personal touches and custom options to each one. The platform has also designed hundreds of page sections. Users can choose which ones they want to display, with hundreds of customization options available. Completed pages are published in less than a minute, giving you the ability to communicate with your customers instantly.

Adding Advanced Content and Customization

Clients who want to add more to their pages or introduce web applications or additional customization features, can do so thanks to the custom CSS, HMTL, and API options available. Not all website builders let you enjoy both a drag-and-drop design approach and one with more coding involved. This sets WebDo apart from the rest. One huge benefit to users is that they can get their page up as soon as possible while still learning more about web design. Once you are comfortable with your coding skills, you can slowly start to increase the customization to your website without losing your work, your text, or even the existing templates.

Easy to Use

When it comes to ease of use, your mobile website builder should have the following qualities:

One-click design options

Simple, intuitive design layout

Ability to work directly on the site pages, rather than through a backend interface

WYSIWYG editing options

Easy to change page layout or design options

No special knowledge needed for mobile optimization

Individuals looking for an easy-to-use website building platform should learn more about WebDo. It meets all the qualifications listed above, making WebDo stand out among other building editors.

WYSIWYG Interface and On-Page Editing

Some other mobile website editors claim to be easy to use but fail to offer clients one-click design options, a WYSIWYG design interface, or the ability to work directly on the website’s pages. Without features like these, it is difficult for beginners to create a truly unique and beautiful site. Instead, they must rely on the template options alone, without further customization. The unfortunate result is a website that blends in with others built using that platform, negatively impacting your ability to attract new customers with your products or services.

A WYSIWYG interface is of particular importance for those whose priority is an easy to use website building platform. WYSIWYG is an initialism, standing for “what you see is what you get.” The term is frequently used to refer to programs that show you a close approximation to what the final product resembles as you are working on it. For example, individuals using a WYSIWYG slideshow editor can see the slides come together as they add each element, instead of waiting for the entire slide to be completed before being able to view your work.

When beginners have access to these interfaces, as well as on-page real-time editing, they can easily create a unique and appealing website, without spending hours using the trial and error approach to putting together a webpage. WebDo gives all users access to both of these features, as well as giving them the chance to access more backend editing if their design skills advance. This means that no two pages designed using WebDo look alike, and each one is attractive and inviting.

Easy to Change Design Choices

It is also easy to change your template or page layout should you rebrand or have a desire to freshen up your web presence. Certain other platforms do not give their users a chance to make changes to design options once the site is published. Many websites quickly become dated without the chance to refresh every so often. While most platforms always let you edit your text or images, it is crucial that you find one that lets you change the layout of each page or other customization options.

WebDo is perfect for those who like change, or who get bored with the same website template after too long. Users are free to make whatever changes they like, as often as they want, without losing their text, images, or other layout options. Companies who have long-term plans benefit from this type of flexibility.

Adding Additional Content

With WebDo, you are also unrestricted when it comes to the number of pages or page sections you choose to have. Some platforms have strict page limits in place, while others do not let you add sections or pages after publication. Companies that plan on offering additional products of services in the future are penalized by this approach. The website either has to have blank pages or sections in anticipation of future growth, or an entirely new website must be built to showcase those additions. WebDo always gives users the chance to add more sections, pages, or content whenever the need arises. Your new products or services can be shared with your customers and potential clients in seconds.

No Special Knowledge Needed for Mobile Optimization

Another perk of using WebDo as your mobile website builder is that no special coding is required to have your site mobile ready. With some other design platforms, mobile optimization is not automatically done. As a result, users must learn some CSS to ensure their sites are easily viewed on all devices. Since WebDo was designed to appeal to website designers of all skill levels, including beginners, there is no need to fuss with lines of code. Each template and website automatically does this for you.

Meets Modern Needs

One reason WebDo is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile website editors is that it easily meets the following modern needs:

Creates attractive, eye-catching, mobile-ready pages

Automatic mobile optimization

Offers on-page SEO and is compliant with web indexing rules

Has an associated blogging platform

Integrated social media sharing tools

Not all website design platforms have caught up with the changing needs of website designers. Many consumers who use those platforms find that their page views and ability to attract consumers suffers as a result. Choosing WebDo as your mobile website editor guarantees that your website can meet all of those needs and more.

Attractive Page Design Across All Devices

Consumers use a variety of devices to access the web and to research products and services. It is important that your website looks great on each one. This means ensuring that you choose a web builder with responsive design options. Surprisingly, this is not standard across all website building platforms. For example, not all WordPress themes offer responsive designs. This means that an individual must work hard at building a page and then testing it on all devices, making tweaks and changes to ensure it looks great on each one. This can take hours. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the final product looks perfect on all devices; it may look great on desktops and only passable on mobile.

WebDo automatically ensure that each page looks great across all devices, no manual tweaks or sacrifices required. When viewed on mobile, WebDo websites instantly change format, presenting the same information in a way that is easy to read given the screen size limitations of mobile devices. As most people use their phones to browse and shop online, having an automatically responsive page design is the perfect way to attract and retain customers. You can spend more time focusing on your page content, leaving the tricky part up to the building platform itself.

Adaptable to Multiple Browsers

You should also ensure that your website looks great across all browser types as well as devices. This can be tricky if you do not use a building platform that does this automatically. There are numerous desktop browsers you must consider, such as Firefox and Chrome. With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, there are also default browsers you need to keep in mind. For example, Samsung users can choose between using the Chrome app or Samsung’s default internet browser. In many cases, website builders create sites that look fantastic on several platforms but are difficult to read or hard to load on others.

WebDo templates and websites are designed to adapt to multiple browsers without work or stress on the part of the designer. There is no need to test each section as it is completed on multiple browsers as you are creating your website. Instead, you can trust that WebDo’s specially designed templates do this work for you.

SEO and Web Indexing Compliant

As a business, your search engine page ranking matters now more than ever. Almost all internet users only search through the first page of results, making it incredibly important to attain that elusive first page ranking. One way that websites achieve that status is through the use of search engine optimization (SEO). This is an incredibly important digital marketing strategy that all businesses and service providers must be familiar with. In essence, SEO uses the keywords used on your website and their placement to determine if your site is relevant to a search engine user’s search request. These keywords are typically short phrases that are commonly used when people search for content related to your company or industry.

Interestingly enough, not all website building platforms offer their users SEO integration, nor are they web indexing compliant. This means that your page could be missed when people search for related products or services, resulting in a loss of business. Other building platforms offer SEO and web indexing compliance as part of add-on packages, increasing your monthly expenses.

WebDo ensures that each page published is web indexing compliant, without forcing you to upgrade your package or buy any expensive add-ons. The platform also gives users SEO integration, so you can tailor the content you publish to meet the needs and search queries of your customers. SEO is also a standard feature with all WebDo pages, regardless of how you create it, or which package you ultimately purchase.

Associated Blogging Platform with Social Media Sharing Tools

SEO is an incredibly useful marketing tool to have in your belt. You can use this marketing approach to customize your page content and service or product descriptions to attract as many customers as possible. Another way to increase your search engine ranking and to improve your website’s SEO is through a blog. Keeping a blog regularly updated is a great way to attract customers without spending a lot of money. It helps you appear higher on search engine results and gives your current clients content they can share on social media with friends and family. This additional word of mouth advertising is completely free, but incredibly effective.

Individuals who are not familiar with website design may feel overwhelmed when looking at the blogging platform options associated with other mobile website builders. For example, WordPress includes numerous blogging options without a click-and-drag design approach. This can make blogging feel like a monumental task to those who are not well-versed in web design. WebDo has an associated blogging application called wordbricks, which comes with the same great user-friendly features. Perks of using WebDo’s wordbricks include integrated social media sharing tools, drag-and-drop design features, and easy on-page editing. Instead of becoming a complicated deterrent, WebDo makes blogging easy, encouraging you to keep it updated often.

Integrated Hosting

When it comes to finding a mobile website editor, make sure you invest in one with integrated hosting. Using one platform for development and another for hosting and domain name registration is complicated, especially for beginners. WebDo offers integrated hosting, with the following fantastic features:

Easy to understand control panel

Cloud web storage

Extra file management

Multiple email accounts

Database and API integration are also available for advanced designers

Using WebDo as your mobile website platform ensures you benefit from those features, saving you time and stress when it comes to sorting out your hosting options.

Understandable Control Panel

The foundation of any website is its control panel. From here, you can adjust any detail about your website, add or create email addresses, and access browsing statistics. It is crucial that every website designer understand how to use the control panel associated with the website. Without a fundamental understanding of how it functions, you could miss out on important steps or useful features.

WebDo is perfect for beginners because it simplifies the control panel significantly, without sacrificing features. New users and experienced web designers alike can enjoy its clean design and use of plain language. You can quickly and easily add or delete email addresses, adjust certain site details, or obtain performance statistics without advanced knowledge of web design or development.

Cloud Storage and File Management Solutions

Access to cloud storage and other file management solutions is a deceptively important quality for your hosting provider to have. Many developers prefer cloud storage solutions because they are inexpensive, and they still give you a ton of available space. Websites can be quite large, especially if your page features a lot of images. Many design platforms do not offer a lot of space, forcing their clients to purchase upgrade packages. Failure to do so can result in deleted files or a crashed website.

WebDo clients always have access to their websites, with no risk of crashes or other data management failures. This is because WebDo offers cloud storage to all clients, with other practical file management solutions. Each hosting package comes with a ton of space without a steep fee.

Availability of Email Addresses

A professional email address is crucial for all businesses and professionals. Clients, colleagues, and others in the community take people with official-sounding email addresses more seriously. They help you come off as someone is an expert in their field, establishing respect. Depending on the size of your company, you may want each person who regularly comes into contact with clients to have their own, personalized email address. This adds legitimacy to your organization, even if you have only just started operating.

Not all mobile website editors or hosting solutions offer users email addresses as part of every package. Those that do tend to put huge restrictions and limits on the addresses they do permit you to have. They may also put huge storage limitations on your account, making it impossible to send or receive large files or images. This can severely impair your ability to conduct business and may even serve as a deterrent to using a professional address at all.

WebDo offers all clients access to email addresses, with generous storage allowances. Thanks to the easy-to-use control panel, it is simple to create as many email addresses as you need for your company to operate smoothly. Email accounts attained through WebDo use both plain text and HTML, making them look and feel very similar to the free services most beginner designers are used to.

Easy to Access Web-Based Applications

Having easy-to-access web-based applications is ideal for beginners as well as those who anticipate using multiple devices for website-related purposes. Web-based applications are features you access by visiting a specific web address, as opposed to those that you can only get by downloading or installing software. At a minimum, the mobile website editor you use should offer the following:

Website builder accessible online without requiring any software

Email accounts that you can access by visiting a website from any computer

Cloud storage that is accessible through a website

Web-based control panel

Not all platforms offer users online access to these features. For example, in some cases, you must download a separate application such as Outlook if you want to access your mail. WebDo incorporates each one of these features in all their service packages, making it easy for you to get your company up and running, even when you are on the go.

Online Website Builder

Not everyone can build a website in one sitting, nor does everyone want to. You may have a lengthy to-do list, with only a limited amount of time each day to work on the website. Many beginning website developers work on their project from multiple devices, including those at work and at home. As a result, it is crucial that the platform you use is web-based and does not require any specialized software or on-device storage.

All WebDo sites, including the drag-and-drop templates and the sites built with custom CSS, are developed online only. Users are not forced to download separate software to interact with the development tools. Nothing is saved locally, either, freeing up your computer hard drive and ensuring that you can access your data from any device, as long as there is an internet connection.

Web-Based Email Accounts and Cloud Storage

Certain website development platforms and hosting companies do not offer web-based email addresses. Users can only access their email accounts by downloading third-party software such as Outlook or by purchasing Google’s GSuite for business. For start-up companies, neither one of these options is ideal. It is much easier to log into a website to receive and send emails or have them sent directly to your phone. You are less likely to miss an important message this way, and you do not have to deal with finding compatible software.

Most people communicate via email, even in professional settings, making WebDo’s web-based email solutions in high demand. Users can simply log into a website to check their email, much the same way as with an ordinary Gmail account. This makes it easy to stay in touch with your clients and colleagues, even when you are on the go.

A similar argument can be made for cloud-based storage. Unlike storing your information on a flash drive or other piece of hard storage, cloud-based solutions mean you can access everything you need no matter where you are or what you have available. WebDo offers each one of their customers access to cloud-based storage, with an impressive amount included in each package.


While price should never be your top priority, it is something that small businesses must keep in mind. When investigating the pricing options for various mobile website builders, make sure you consider the following:

Variety of packages available, to suit a range of needs

Easy to upgrade or downgrade if necessary

Packages are worth the cost, containing useful features

The affordability of the package in the long run

WebDo is one of the most cost-effective website building platforms available, with packages carefully designed to suit the needs of a diverse range of customers.

Variety of Packages Containing Useful Features

It is important that the packages available to you contain features you can actually use, and that there are a few to choose from. This gives you room to upgrade or downgrade should your needs change. It also ensures that you are getting the best value for your money.

WebDo offers four price packages to consumers, ranging from free to $24 per month. This is extremely low, especially when compared to WebDo’s competitors such as SquareSpace. Free packages come with a ton of perks, including an email account, 2 Gb of storage, API access, and up to three websites. Features like these are often included in mid-level packages with other developers. The top package available comes with an impressive 100 Gb of storage, a free domain name, and up to 50 website projects.

Easy to Switch

Every successful company sees its needs change over time, including their website needs. When you start out, 2 Gb of bandwidth per month may be adequate for your needs. As you become increasingly popular, you may find that you need a lot more. This is why it is so important to find a website building platform that gives you the chance to switch between packages.

With WebDo, it is easy to upgrade or downgrade price packages as your needs change. Customers can start with the free package, to see if they like the way the platform works and to get the hang of website development. Plans are available with monthly, quarterly, and yearly terms. Once your prepaid plan expires, you can opt to renew with the same level of services or upgrade, without penalty.

No Hidden Fees

Another advantage WebDo has over its competition is that there are no hidden fees or surprise price increases. Some other platforms try to gain new customers by offering rock-bottom introductory prices, but then introduce a whole host of hidden fees once the website is actually developed.

Clients of WebDo know exactly what services they are getting and how much these services cost. There are never any hidden fees or unanticipated price increases. This takes the stress out of website development.

While you could hire a professional website developer, it is far cheaper, and easier to use a mobile website editor yourself. There are a few options available on the market, but WebDo has features that outshine the competition. Clients can build a beautiful and unique website in minutes, even if you don’t know a lot about computer design. If you are well-versed in web design, the platform also gives you the chance to work in your own CSS or HTML, as well as to develop your own APIs. As a result, they can meet client needs regardless of skill level. WebDo helps you connect with clients quickly, easily, and affordably, making it the best mobile website builder.